Currently I'm a full-time faculty at DePaul University, School of Design in Chicago, Illinois   


Since joining the faculty at DePaul, we have initiated a redesign of our curriculum and developed a new structure for how we educate in design. Our framework mixes traditional design principles with iterative thinking and personal discovery. The aim has been to prepare students for a rigorous career but also allow them the space and experimentation to discover their own voice and perspective in design.

The best part of being an educator is working with the students, it’s a valuable experience and an honor to be a part of their careers. Ever since I was a student, I learned that the classroom should be a place of mutual respect between instructor and student. In this enivornment, we work together to create solutions for complex design problems. Through iteration, discussion and critique we hope to emphasize discovery and value process over final design pieces. The goal being graduates who are critical thinkers, who are versatile, and are equipped to master the craft of design through continued exploration.

Areas of research and interests I’m pursuing at DePaul include; evolving branding practices, design education methodologies, placemaking, history of heraldry (shield and crest), design and politics, design to deceive (phishing), and a study of flag design.


→  Introduction to Typography
→  Advanced Typography
→ Branding, Identity and Visual Systems
→ Design for Politics and Social Movements 
→ Graphic Design 1
→ Graphic Design 2 
→ Trends in Contemporary Design
→ History of Graphic Design
→ Packaging Design 

→ Portfolio Development


→ Chair, Program Committee Graphic Design 
→ Graphic Design Student Advisor 

→ Co-Chair, Program Committee GD

→ Co-Chair, GD  Cirriculum Redesign Committee
→ Graphic Design Master's Degree Proposal
→ Liberal Studies Course Mentor
→ Honors Thesis Mentor 
→ Advisor DePaul AIGA 


→  Encouraging Risk Taking in Design Education
AIGA Design Ed Conference, Indianapolis

→  Encouraging Risk Taking in Design Education
Design Principles Conference, Barcelona 

→  Orbit Shitty, Design for Evil 
CHI Conference, Glasgow 

→  Typographic Aleatory Agency
Design Principles Conference, Lisbon

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